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6 Facts About Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital

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Surely many people want to know what is the function of Rehabilitation Hospital. Is it the same as a regular hospital treating patients?

Yes, generally it is the same as a regular hospital that treats patients but Rehabilitation Hospitals specifically rehabilitate patients after suffering an injury or illness that limits daily activities.

The rehabilitation process includes the care, treatment and support needed to enable a patient to be self -reliant.

Here are six interesting facts about Rehabilitation Hospitals in the country;

  1. Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital (HRC) is the largest hospital in Southeast Asia providing holistic rehabilitation services. The structure and facilities of the building are disability friendly.
  2. This two -storey hospital is surrounded by gardens inside and outside the hospital. The hospital is also adapting the green concept where the building structure allows for electricity savings. The concept of this hospital is based on the concept of ‘Hospital in the Park’.
  3. HRC has a capacity of 166 beds, however in the future, the hospital will accommodate an additional 300 beds.
  4. The hospital was built with the goal of becoming a referral center that will provide comprehensive medical rehabilitation services in Malaysia. Since the HRC is a tertiary referral center (third referral), it only accepts referrals from rehabilitation specialists from other hospitals.
  5. Apart from HRC, among other rehabilitation centers in the country are the SOCSO Rehabilitation Center as well as leading private hospitals.
  6. Some of these hospitals and rehabilitation centers are equipped with state -of -the -art facilities and equipment to help patients restore their optimal function. Among them are a hydrotherapy pool, gymnasium, prosthesis and orthosis clinic, driving simulation, snooze room, locomotive room and daily activity practice room.

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