Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is a specialized program for patients with cardiac problem. Patients who are survivors of heart attack, or those who underwent cardiac procedure or surgery, may benefit from it.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program in HRC include patients’ health education, exercise and counselling session with these objectives:

  • To improve functional capacity of cardiac patients in performing daily activites
  • To identify risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, and to modify them
  • To empower cardiac patients with knowledge so they can take proactive actions in taking care of their cardiovascular health


Benefits of Participating in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

  • Reduces the risk of a second heart attack
  • Improve the patient’s ability to perform daily activities
  • Provide guidance on how to carry out daily activities safely, in accordance with the condition of heart disease experienced
  • Reduces the symptoms of heart disease
  • Improving the quality of life


Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Room and Ward 1A,
Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras

8.00am – 1.00pm