Pediatric Rehabilitation Service, Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras provides coordinated multidisciplinary intensive rehabilitation and intervention for children, adolescents and their families.

The rehabilitation program is designed to address the often complex needs of children or adolescent with physical impairments, to achieve specific goals in area such as mobility, self care, speech and communication as well as cognitive function within desired time frame.

Pediatric rehabilitation programs aim to maximise the ability of the child to participate in activities at home, school and the community.

We provide comprehensive rehabilitation services for a variety of diagnose include:

  1. Cerebral palsy
  2. Brain injury ( stroke / trauma / tumor)
  3. Spina Bifida
  4. Spinal Cord Injury
  5. Neuromuscular disorder
  6. Limb deficiency

Rehabilitation and therapy services we provide:

  1. Pediatric inpatient rehabilitation
  2. Pediatric rehabilitation outpatient clinic
  3. Clinical Psychology
  4. Hearing, speech and communication
  5. Occupational therapy
  6. Physiotherapy
  7. Orthotic clinic
  8. Wheelchair clinic


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic
Specialist Clinic Ground Floor,
Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras

Inpatient Service
Ward 1A
Hospital Rehabilitasi Cheras

Clinic Hours (08:00am -1:00pm)

Pediatric Rehab Clinic
Monday and Thursday every week

Spina Bifida Clinic
Tuesday of the first week every month

Scoliosis Clinic
Wednesday of the first and fourth week every month

Orthotic Clinic
Wednesday of the third week every month

Pediatric Amputee Clinic
Wednesday of the first week once in every three months