Specialist Clinic Staged Appointments

Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital Specialist Clinic practices the provision of “Staged Appointments”. Staged Appointments are appointments that are given according to a set date and time.

Patients must adhere to and follow the date and time of the appointment that has been set and patients are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes in advance for confirmation of attendance and other matters.

The Benefits of Staged Appointments

  • Patient rotation can be arranged systematically.
  • The condition of the clinic became more comfortable because it was not crowded.
  • The patient does not have to wait for a long time if it comes according to the set time.
  • Better quality treatment can be given to patients.
  • The problem of lack of seats and parking can be reduced.


Staged Appointment Online Booking Form

You can use the online booking system to get staged appointments. You just need to complete the Online Appointment Form and we will set your appointment date later. Click below: