The majority of the types of accommodation facilities for patients at Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital consist of third class ward facilities. However, first class room accommodation with limited units is also available in all wards (single and twin shared rooms), except the Pediatric ward.


We ensure that the food at the Cheras Rehabilitation Hospital is not only interesting, but also appetizing and nutritious. The food served is prepared by the Hospital Catering Unit and monitored in terms of quality and nutrition. Our nutritionists and Speech Therapists will provide specialized advice for patients with swallowing problems.


Televisions with satellite network services are provided in each ward for the convenience of patients and visitors.


If you need to do laundry, a laundry room is available in each ward. In addition, clothes hanger facilities are also provided.

Personal Belongings (Valuable)

The hospital does not provide deposit facilities or safes for the storage of personal valuables. We advise that valuables should be handed over to the heirs themselves and not brought or stored in the hospital. We are not responsible in the event of any loss or theft of personal belongings.

How to get to know our staff?

All our staff are required to wear an identification pass while on duty. If there is any doubt, please refer to the Administration section of the hospital or the Ward Manager on duty.

Discharge from hospital

The progress of each patient will be discussed in the Weekly Interdisciplinary Meeting. The date of discharge will be discussed together in the meeting and will be communicated to you or your family members.

Home Assessment

When your discharge day is almost here, our Occupational Therapist will make a visit to your place of residence. This is to allow us to make an assessment and provide recommendations on appropriate medical equipment or if there are any modifications that need to be made before you return home. We need your family members to be present during the visit.

Can I voice an opinion?

Yes of course. The recovery program designed is specifically for you. As a patient, you are encouraged to discuss and ask questions regarding your rehabilitation program to ensure the success of the program. We are committed to making your experience at this hospital a positive one for you and your family members.